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In 1996, a Development Agreement codified the relationship between Bright Farm Partnership and the City of Lewisville.  Since then, Castle Hills has operated as an extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) within the City.  Many of the services that would normally be provided by the City are currently provided by the fresh water supply districts that cover Castle Hills (the “Districts”). 

Because Castle Hills was designed and developed based on an assumption of Annexation by Lewisville (see video by Developer ), the common goal was to integrate Castle Hills into the City.  The integration of Castle Hills formally into the City of Lewisville through Annexation is moving forward, with a target date of December 2021. 

The City has been working hard to ensure that every issue of the process associated with the Castle Hills Annexation has been thought through, both from the point of view of the residents and the City.  

To facilitate the annexation, a committee has been formed of board members from the Districts and residents at large.   Within this committee, a communications team has been formed to help facilitate the sharing of accurate information with residents on annexation.   

The communication team will work to convey information from the annexation process and provide a means for helping address questions from the residents.  Residents can post questions here for the communication team to address.  Additionally, Residents are welcome to contact representatives from the annexation committee.  Documents covering the latest topics are provided within covered within the link below. 

The information provided here is not meant to represent an opinion or recommendation for annexation. 

Castle Hills Annexation Education Committee | City of Lewisville, TX 

The link below gives you access to information that the City has collected including the Questions and Answers documented to date. 

Castle Hills Residents | City of Lewisville, TX 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Castle Hills Communication Team 

Chris Crawford, 1D Board Member 

John Deihl, 1E Board Member 

Katrina W. English, 1F Board Member 

Guy Harris, 1B Board Member 

Colleen Marchetti, At-Large 1B resident